Photography has nothing to do with cameras
— Lucas Gentry


You have arrived at an alternative reality of mind bending visual delights that is the inner sanctum… of the RockStars of Photography!  Founder and fearless leader Mr. Green is storming the gates of the photographic citadel… and no one is getting out alive!  Soaring high at the forefront of the digital imaging revolution, Mr. Green uses cutting edge tools of the trade to create a critically acclaimed body of work which encompasses countless magazine covers, ads, billboards, catalogs, and website campaigns.  

Mr. Green’s hand assembled team, dubbed The Rockstars of Photography, includes the finest models, photographers, and support staff in the world to bring his uniquely offbeat and ever so slightly twisted perspective on life to full realization in each and every image produced.  Stay awhile in the Inner Sanctum, let its intoxicating magic and allure pull you into our world… And when you are ready, contact The Rockstars of Photography and let Mr. Green unleash a creative storm sure to gather attention.