Deemed one the most tedious tasks in photography but yet one of the most important. Studio Photography surrounds itself with focused detail aim at it’s subject matter.

When it comes to studio work, strategy is everything. The foreground becomes the focal point and the background isn’t to interfere. Leaving only the subject matter to be showcased. Having a studio strategy that includes a shot-list, casting calls, model fittings, makeup artist, hair, props, story board, product list, and a few more things to plan will save time and money. Unplanned studio work can result in costly mistakes and painstaking hours of unnecessary work. It’s been my experience that a little prep work goes a long way.

Most of our clients have large products list to be shot in a studio setting. The most affordable way to handle these type of projects, is by utilizing our STUDIO-ON-THE-GO program. Simply put; The clients office or warehouse because the studio - Saving on transportation cost, packing products, employee hours, and much more.

The rates of our STUDIO-ON-THE-GO start at just $500 for as many products that can be done within 2 hours (includes free setup time) and an within 10 miles inside of the Los Angeles, California area. The price doesn’t in editing and images will be given at end of session.

It recommended that you contact our office and ask for a quotation, putting our best foot forward.

-Mr. Green