For RockStar founder Gary Green, or “Mr. Green” as he is most widely known, photography has been a lifelong passion.  His mother, Armida Green, was a talented lifestyle photographer and introduced the art of photography to Gary at a young age.  At his mother’s insistence, Gary tried his hand at modeling in his youth and began a successful modeling career working for large department stores, but it was his passion for being behind the camera, not in front of it, which would prove to be one of the defining characteristics of young Gary’s life.

As the years progressed, Gary’s labor of love with photography began to blossom into a lucrative career, customers continuously commenting on the originality and passion which exuded from Gary’s imagery.  It was on one particular shoot that a customer, upon looking at the image on Mr. Green’s LCD camera display, commented “you are a rockstar when it comes to photography.  You shoot with such pure passion, your attention to detail, and knowledge of your craft just makes you a rockstar of photography.”  That phrase, ‘rockstar of photography’ was a visceral experience for Green, in his mind it came to mean that any person who worked with an unrelenting passion in their field, that person was a rockstar.  The title caught on fast.  Soon Gary renamed his company, “The RockStars of Photography,” and you’ll notice the ‘Rockstars’ is plural, Mr. Green’s vision was to assemble a team of consummate professionals, artists of particularly astounding vision, to take the world of photography by storm.

Mr. Green’s approach to photography is to uniquely analyze each and every entity he works for, to determine the appropriate campaign to best serve that business.  Gary’s unique vision, eye for detail, dynamic images, and storytelling intuition allow him to mold entire advertising campaigns specifically to a company’s needs.