Location shoots are the soul behind the lifestyle of a brand. Convening the message correctly is crucial in successfully capturing your target audience.

Expense is the common denominator in-why so many bands suffer from their “UNTOLD” story. Allow us to save you money on your next location campaign.

These type of photo campaigns must be tailored towards the brands lifestyle. Taking the time to create story boards, go over locations, props, models, gaining a understanding of the brands market target, will ultimately lead to a successfully outcome.

You’ve heard the term “measure twice, cut once?” Well, that’s my rule in just about facet when working with a client. A project properly planned has less chances of failure - Avoiding unexpected costs, and delays. The goal, provide efficient affordable service and yields on target results.

We several options when it comes to shooting on locations and they are geared towards saving our clients time and money. The biggest question that we’re asked is “what’s your starting rate?” - I know it’s a loaded question and I would like to diffuse it now. We have packages that start as low at $800, but the best way to start this conversation is by contacting us directly - You will be surprised on what we can do!

-Mr. Green