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Mr. Green's Insight

In baseball you have the minor leagues and the major leagues. In a French restaurant you have the butcher commis and you have the executive chef. In the world of photography you have a ‘guy with a camera’ and professional photographer… and then you have RockStars of Photography.


Anyone can throw a baseball, cook a grilled cheese sandwich, or snap a photo but what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary are the passion, drive, and artistic ingenuity to push that craft into a realm few others have gone before. To take a picture is an easy undertaking; to compose an image is something far more complex. This is what RockStar photographers do. Composing an image requires a thorough and complete understanding not just of photographic concepts, but of marketing, customer expectations, and branding. The RockStars of Photography offer not just advertising but boutique image creation. We re-invent the way customers perceive your entire brand and help to enlighten whole new markets of consumers to your products. Whether you are a clothing, beverage, food, retail, or whatever kind of company, the RSOP team can help you to create campaigns that will leave consumers craving more.


Here at RSOP we believe in a little thing called re-invention. That is to say that no matter what your companies perceived image is we can breathe new life into it through the power of vision, imagery, and visceral experience. My team of artists, The RockStars of Photography, embodies the very best artists in their fields assembled into one team with the sole vision of re-inventing your business’ image. Contact us today and see what the RSOP team can bring to your business.



Mr. Green 


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